What to do

Outdoor adventure, relaxation or cultural exploration? A stay at Milk Harbour will offer so many options, it could be hard to choose what to enjoy first!

“When I come out on the road of a morning, when I have had a night’s sleep and perhaps a breakfast, and the sun lights a hill on the distance, a hill I know I shall walk across an hour or two thence… no land in the world can inspire such love in a common man.”

Frank Delaney – ‘Ireland’

Walking is just one of the many activities that can be enjoyed in Milk Harbour and north Sligo. Whether you are looking for active outdoor adventure, or are simply interested in relaxing and ‘getting away from it all’, your options are many and varied.

We cater for our guests in three ways.

  • Activity weeks: made up of individuals and couples wanting to engage in activities with like-minded people
  • Exclusive groups bookings: made up of groups of friends who share an interest, hobby or particular sport or simply want to holiday together: this will also be suitable for corporate events/off-site meetings and team building
  • Independent stays: for guests who are looking for a base twixt mountains and the sea to ‘do their own thing’. We believe that we offer the ideal location, facilities and equipment on-site and locally.  See the links below for some ideas and suggestions.