About us

McCann’s at Milk Harbour has been home to the McCann family for over 150 years, The McCanns farmed a small holding, built boats and carts for clients from the northern end of Donegal down to Westport. The property is now owned by Steve and Geraldine Barker, who live on site. Geraldine is a niece of the last McCann boat builders. The house and boatshed have recently being renovated and offer boutique accommodation with a farmhouse feel.

Your hosts

In common with anyone who owns and runs their own business we have many hats to wear throughout the year. However, you are most likely to see us in the following roles:

  • Geraldine will help you with your bookings, stay and creature comforts.
  • Steve will provide  support for any activities you undertake whilst he maintains the gardens and  mans the safety boat during kayak activities.

A special place

Due to our proximity to the sea and to an area of special scientific interest for marine and wild life, we are particularly conscious of our responsibility to maintain and wherever possible, improve, the local environment.

We try to place as little burden on the local environment as possible: from the installation of a new waste water recovery system and the energy efficiency of our home, to how we avoid chemicals and manage our gardens sustainably. We hope that you will help us in living by the maxim: ‘leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories’.

Stay in touch

Together, we will offer you a fulfilling, memorable holiday destination and an unparalleled base from which to explore the region.

Geraldine and Steve Barker,
Milk Harbour Holidays